Interview: Michelle Monaghan talks “Fort Bliss.”

In our second interview with documentary filmmaker Sebastian Junger, he is annoyed with how veterans appear in the movies. Junger says “Redeployment,” a collection of short stories by Phil Klay, is the only modern storytelling that gets it right. Having read the book, the recent war drama Fort Bliss may force Junger to reconsider his position. Written and directed by Claudia Myers, the film follows Maggie (Michelle Monaghan), an army medic who returns to Texas after a tour in Afghanistan. Her civilian life is a readjustment: her young son does not recognize her – she was gone for fifteen months – so he calls the ex-husband’s girlfriend, “Mom.” Maggie also suffers from mild PTSD, which creates another set of challenges since the army still expects her in top form. Fort Bliss is unsentimental and empathetic, an involving drama because it forces the audience to constantly evaluate what they think about the characters (and the military in general). I recently had chance to talk about Michelle Monaghan about her role, her experience with female veterans, and the hardships all veteran families must face.

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