Interview: Ross Nover of Super Art Fight

Ross Nover is a busy, nerdy man. A graphic design professor at American University, he also writes The System, a wittily bizarre web-comic that uses generic figures you’ll typically find in instruction manuals. Recently Nover co-authored “So you found something cool on the internet,” a flowchart that instructs users how to share lulz properly. With the help of Zach Weiner and Tom Tomorrow, two web-comic heavweights, the chart went viral and will (hopefully) be an excellent guide for giving credit where it’s due.

With all that on his plate, Nover is also co-host of Super Art Fight, a one-of-a-kind performance that combines spontaneous creativity and hilariously infantile humor. There have been over 40 shows, both at local venues and conventions. And this Friday Nover is bringing Super Art Fight for the ninth time to the Ottobar in Baltimore.

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