Tribeca Film Festival: “The Good Doctor,” “Underwater Love,” “Black Butterflies.”

The press lounge of the Tribeca Film Festival is a strange yet energetic place. Journalists and industry-types take refuge here, taking ample use of the free snacks and coffee, and the only consistent topic of conversation is which film is everyone’s favorite. Everyone is friendly, and the overwhelming recommendation is to see Beyond the Black Rainbow, a psychdelic experience one critic compares to Eraserhead. Moments later, a man bearing an uncanny resemblance to Allen Ginsberg wanders through the crowd. He  clutches a piece of paper that reads, “I am Tony Kaye and I directed Detachment. I want to talk about it, but I have a speech impediment.” Kaye says we can chat after I can see the movie next week, and that’s where my star-gazing ends. Let’s leave the star-gazing at a minimum – I’m here to see movies, after all, so here’s my mostly complete round-up of my Saturday experience.

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