Interview: Charlie and Lucy Paul talk “For No Good Reason.”

With grotesquely exaggerated figures, Ralph Steadman is one of the most iconic artists working today. He started as a cartoonist, but only grew more ambitious as his pen skewered increasingly powerful people. The most important person in his professional life is the late journalist Hunter S. Thompson: in their pieces for Rolling Stone magazine, Ralph and Hunter invented Gonzo journalism, an approach to the story that abandons objectivity altogether. Ralph’s art defines Hunter’s words, and vice versa. Ralph’s gone on to illustrate more literature, write his own books, and produce commercial work for companies like Frederick’s Flying Dog Brewery (who are hosting a preview screening to the movie tonight @ E Street). The upcoming documentary For No Good Reason is the story of Ralph’s art, but not his life. Director Charlie Paul and his producer Lucy eschew typical documentary storytelling for something more immersive and impressionistic. The cumulative effect is to get some sense of the man, but an overwhelming sense of his work. I recently talked to Charlie and Lucy about art, filmmaking, and strong local beer.

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