Media Diary: August 2016

As noted earlier this year, I’m keeping a media diary for 2016. These are my August findings:

  • In August, I rated 24 films, 2 books, 3 seasons of television, and 15 albums.
  • The average rating (out of 5) is 3.47, which is below average for the year.
  • By medium, books (3.75) has the highest rating.
  • The best of the month:
    • Film: High or High Water
    • Book: “The Underground Railroad” by Colson Whitehead
    • Music: “British Road Movies” by Kate Jackson
    • TV: Penny Dreadful, Season 3

Compared to other months, my ratings for August are concentrated in film. That is not surprising: August is generally a slower TV month, insofar that networks have not yet begun their new seasons. This means I can devote more time to film, and while the month is traditionally thought of as a low-point for the medium, there have been many quality indie releases. I expect I will watch more television and relatively less film next month, while books and music remain level. I did not see plays in August – again, it’s a slow month – so I hope to reverse that trend as local theater companies also begin their new seasons.

Year to date totals:

  • 130 films, 21 books, 47 seasons of television, 88 albums, and 7 plays
  • Total average: 3.47
  • Averages by medium:
    • Films: 3.36
    • Books 3.42
    • Music: 3.52
    • TV: 3.65
    • Theater: 3.86 (unchanged)

Most data points changed by hundredths, if at all. By year’s end, I don’t expect the averages to move in one direction too heavily, unless I encounter genuine masterpieces or genuine crap. Now that central tendency no longer tells an interesting story, I hope to find richer insight among clusters of high, medium, and low ratings.